Póngalo en la H / Put it in H

Crazy VaclavEl Trabant siempre me recuerda este sketch de los Simpsons del capítulo titulado “Don Barredora”. La úncia ciudad dónde pude encontrar Trabants que estuvieran realmente en uso (fuera del circuito turístico) fue en Budapest. De hecho, el doblaje del show en español para “Crazy Vaclav” es “El húngaro loco”.

Solo una curiosidad.

250px-CrazyvplaceThe Trabant always reminds me of this sketch of the Simpsons tv show (“Mr. Plow”). The only place where I found Trabants that were actually in use (not for touristic purposes) was in Budapest. In fact, the spanish translation in the Latin-American show for “Crazy Vaclav” is “The crazy Hungarian”.

Just a curiosity.

Algunos de los Trabant que vi por las calles de Budapest

Some of the Trabants I saw on the streets of Budapest

More photos of Budapest here


2 thoughts on “Póngalo en la H / Put it in H

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    • Yeah, I’ts probably, great episode. I took a look at your blog. I’ts funny, I still remember the day the Simpsons died for me: “Thirty Minutes over Tokyo”, first episode from session 10 broadcasted in Argentina. Session 9 is my limit. Thank’s for reading.

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